Chick Can Draw – From Past Experience

“Have your read the book for your book report?”, asked mother. Well, I didn’t but I figured I would write a report based on a book I’d read in the past. This wasn’t good enough for my mother as she dropped me at the library to find a book. Engine running, she waited and I ran through and grabbed “The Love Bug”. I had seen the Herbie car movie a million times! I mean, this was a second grade book report and I had this in the bag!

Weeks had passed and back in the day, the library actually called to let you know your book was late in being returned. My mom grabbed the book and off she went to return it. “Did you read that book you got at the library?”, she called to me. Why was she asking me about this again? Yes….I did! (not!) As sweat was dripping from my brow, she started laughing and left the room. She always knew when I was fibbing.

Later, we had a sit down conversation. It turns out that when she returned the book, she looked at it and determined that the actual book I selected was about the “love bug” and not my Herbie, the car. You know…the kind of “love bug” that you can get from having intimate contact with another person who has been infected. So, It was obvious to her that I had not read this book.

Upset, I decided that from now on, that I should do more than be scrappy. I mean I didn’t go to kindergarden twice because it was a pretty room! (Well, she says she held me back because of my age! I learned many things in kindergarden that make me who I am today. I can cut and paste like it is nobody’s business!)

I can read, but catch my illustrations in a book that was just released on Friday! “The Mermaid City”, a Kiki Adventure by Judy Norwood Enter. (AND, I drew the pictures!) It’s an exciting book to read and if you’re 9 or older, you are going to LOVE it!

If you want a copy of our book. You can buy it on Amazon today! Thank you in advance for your review and for your consideration.




  1. Aunt Summer! I never read my book report books either. Shh, don’t tell Mom. I love the way you “painted” the picture of what your Moms expression was like after you lied about reading the book. She just laughed. I can picture her reaction. Then clearly you hadn’t read the book. Sounds like a mistake I would’ve made, duh it’s about Herbie!? I bet your book report was good! You know those teachers never read all their students books to know if their reports are true! C’mon.

      1. You’re doing fine!
        I’m simply pressed for time – like usual – and so I decided to jump across your blog in a haphazard fashion.
        Iike what I’ve seen so far, though.

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