Chick Can Do Bluegrass

As I have taken on a challenge to write everyday, I found some lyrics I wrote long…long…long ago!

If you want to make a girl’s day, set some bluegrass music to it and let’s make some music together. Tag! It’s your turn! I’d love to hear your creative melody…It would be sweet!

“Oh Sweet Collards”
By: Summer DeCoste

Oh how I miss you
It’s been only a year
Your butter bean – green eyes
In my mind…
and I fear…

You’ve found another
She stole you from me.
I miss you, my sweetheart.
Well, I miss your sweet collard greens…

No one makes ’em
Quite like you…
Mmmmm, they were tasty
Miss ’em, sweet Honeydew…
How did you do it?
Pulled me in with yer rod
Must have baited with yer collards
Cuz it wasn’t your charms

Sweet tea to chase it…
Life just isn’t the same…
But the sun has gone down on that missin’ you game.

How I’m missin’ those sweet collards now

Maybe it’s time I get rid of yet stuff…
Most of it’s gone
But that perfume
Ugh…that stunk!
Can’t rid of that smell
It won’t go away.
But a pot of yer collards
Well, those…they can stay.

So maybe it’s not you,
That I miss at all…
Them sweet collards…
Those sweet greens
Had my heart all along.

Well goodbye sweet darlin
I’ve had enough…
Of you and this silly sweet missin’ you stuff.

Farewell, Adios, & have a good life
Just leave me a note
With some collards sometime….



      1. Taylor Swift’s willingness to jump from bed to bed with various celebrities with the frequency of a cheap ham radio has made her something of a joke, I’m afraid.
        It’s too bad; she seems like a sweet girl.

        Anyway, being you isn’t so bad is it?

      2. She just happens to be in the spotlight and she just happens to kiss and sing!

        As for my life, I’m thankful for grace!

        How about you? What’s it like to be you?

        And thank you for following me here. I don’t think I’ve formally thanked you. I appreciate this.

      3. My life is:

        Serving an increasingly-hostile traveling public as a bellman.
        Raising a 15-year-old with my loving wife.
        Helping my daughter realize her dream of publishing her book series.
        Pursuing my own dream of being taken seriously as a writer.

        And that’s me.
        And by the way, its my pleasure to be here.

      4. Fabulous! I was in the hospitality industry at one point in time. I’m able to identify! Trust me in that one! It takes personality and skill, for sure!

        I love that your daughter has a dream at 15! You and your wife should be proud. Most 15 year olds aren’t that ambitious! Bravo Dad & Mom!

        I was just published as an illustrator for the first time this last year at age…older than 15! I’m working on a new series now and I do calligraphy, make cookies, raise chickens, 4 dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. And most importantly, I married my husband who I’ve loved now for almost 15 years. So, when I said “life is full”, it’s truly full. Lol

        Can’t wait to see your daughter’s work! I’m along for the ride now!

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