Chick Strangles in shape wear

Recently it was reported that “shape wear” may be hazardous to your health. From personal experience, I know this to be true. Embarrassing…and true.

While I was home alone one day, I tried on several outfits for a wedding.
Determined to make a dress “fit”, I pulled out my shape wear. I (struggled to) put it on and then added the dress. Perfection! I thought. I photographed myself and sent it off to my sister via phone message in another state for approval. Done…or so I thought.

My husband was out of town. I live far from family. I attempted to remove the shape wear by myself.

As it was stuck around my arms and near my neck, I couldn’t get it off OR back on my body. HOLY! I couldn’t even reach my phone because my arms were in the air! I was breaking a sweat. I was breathing heavily. My heart rate was out of control.

What to do?! I decided to lay on the bed. Just breathe. Just relax. Just pray. God, help me. (And, admittedly, I was laughing there…all by myself!)

Thoughts of dying like this crossed my mind. As I was laying there with my arms above my head I just said,”I surrender!” Giggling…I finally relaxed.

And so…I’m here to confirm that shape wear may have an adverse affect on your health. It did mine. Thank God my humor and humility are in check! I guess this means there’s more adventures to follow. I hope so!

What has shape wear done to you?



  1. Hey Chick. 🙂 Great blog you got here, and hilarious post. It reminded me of freakin’ Spanx. I hate Spanx. I’ve worn the shaping shorts version and it’s actually given me a headache. It’s phenomenally difficult to get on and off. Not fun at all. Now I just avoid any occasion or outfit that requires “shaping”. Eff that.

  2. How and when did you finally get it off?!?! 🙂
    I bought a Spanx thing several years ago to wear under a dress for a formal party. It took me 15 horrible minutes to get them on. Once I put the dress on, I decided the spanx didn’t make nearly enough of a difference to warrant labored breathing. I struggled for 15 more minutes to take them off and promptly returned them to the store.
    They are horrible for one’s health, both physically and mentally.

    1. After I caught my breath, I used the corner of my headboard and pulled against it! Hate those things!
      All I could think of was if I didn’t get it off I’d have to consult neighbors and that wasn’t happening!

  3. LOL! what a funny image of you stuck in your shapewear with no way in or out! Reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine who went to a conference in Texas and won a pair of cowboy boots at one of the events. The next day after his shower, he decided to try to the boots on while he was still drying off with a towel. They looked terrific. But then he couldn’t get them off! They were a smidge too small and his feet were still damp from the shower. He tried everything!! He couldn’t pull his pants over the boots, so he could only wear his underwear with a towel wrapped around him. He finally had to call the bellman to come upstairs and “please pull these boots off of me!” I can only imagine the bellman’s face when he was greeted at the door by a half-naked man in cowboy boots! Probably thought he stumbled into a porno!

  4. *snorks* I can now guarantee you that I will NOT be wearing the stuff. Ever! YOW!

    I grinned hugely at the idea of you lying there alone, giggling and surrendering to your underwear…

  5. So funny! I HATE Spanx! They are so freaking uncomfortable, I could so see how you could get stuck in them. By the time I get them on, I’m usually sweating and dripping wet, and uncomfortable. I’d rather just buy clothes that fit and layer with jackets to hide my muffin top 🙂

  6. Hah! This is hilarious! I’ve gotten stuck trying things on in a dressing room more than once. Then it’s like, “What happens if this rips? Do I pay? How do I explain that? Who else is in here to hear it rip?” and “If I fight this thing even more, who will hear and possibly misinterpret the grunting and heavy breathing??” Horrid stress…I just…ugh.

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